The Seven Swords of Sin

The Demon Within
Dead in the Eye
The Ship of Fools
The Kaer Maga Incident (The Seven Swords of Sin Inaugural Adventure)

In the beginning adventure of this campaign, our group of adventurers numbered only a few. Having just finished experiencing a “carnival from hell.” Gigas, Tuxford, and Alder received a job from the Pathfinder Society about a precious artifact stolen from a church of Abadar located near the fortress city of Kaer Maga. Looking to get their minds off of the carnival, Gigas and Alder looked to take the job while Tuxford had to part ways with the adventurers as he was contracted to perform with an acting troupe that was traveling to the city of Ravenloft in the Ambitus region.

The remaining adventurers went to the church and found out that a precious artifact, the Sword of Lust was stolen from their most secure vault and that a terrible sorceress named Tirana has taken that and six other swords collectively known as the Seven Swords of Sin to the city of Kaer Maga where she will attempt to reactivate the dormant powers that lie within each of the ancient artifacts. The head priestess Wen Histani offered each of the adventurers protection as they tackled this herculean task. The adventurers agreed and each of them were blessed with two spells of True Resurrection.

Blessed by the priestess, the adventurers headed toward Kaer Maga and soon recruited the aid of a gunslinger known as the Harbinger. The motley crew reached the fortress city and soon crossed paths with a halfling cleric named Feely Parsnips who then joined their ranks. The group had a nice overview of the city and all of the different ethnic and socioeconomic groups that co-existed in the fortress. They learned that the city was divided into different districts that were each run by different gangs. The most feared of these were called the Splitstreet Gang (which were rumored to be working for Tirana herself).

The group encountered a scrappy young lad by the name of Dart (human) who acted as a tour guide for the group. Other notable characters met during the initial tour include Dart’s grandfather Tobias (who owns an apothecary), a half- orc fortune teller who kept spouting a prophecy involving a phoenix, a gnome barkeep, a halfling inn owner, a half-elf butcher, two drow elf spice merchants (one of which was mute), and a dwarf by the name of Gadka who owned a shop filled with wondrous magical items, and a jolly human bard by the name of Sullivan O’Leary.

The following day, the group learned that Tirana was held up under the large network of catacombs under the city. The group decided to split up to cover more ground. Hartang and Alder decided to explore town more while the rest continued to follow leads as to the location of the catacombs.

Alder, along with his new friend Sullivan explored a burrough that was controlled by a gunslinger. He ruled this part of town with an iron fist and often executed people for no apparent reason. The list of victims was about to include Sullivan but thanks to some quick thinking Alder was able to sabotage his execution and the two of them found themselves in an all-out dog fight with the burrough leader.

After a long battle, the burrough leader was dead and Sullivan and Alder were able to find a secret entrance into the catacombs. What the two soon discovered was that this part of the catacombs contained the living quarters of the seven Splitstreet Gang generals known only as Numbers 1-7 respectively.

The duo discovered a large, cryptic map of Thassilon cut into Seven distinct zones. As they inquired further, one of the seven generals (Number 7) came bursting into the room and an all-oit fight ensued. Once the rather rotund Number 7 was slain, the duo noticed his soul left his body and flew away somewhere at a rather rapid pace. Puzzled by this, they moved on.

As the exploration continued, they discovered Number 6 (an excellent warrior with a bow and arrow) and swiftly vanguised him. Much like Number 7, Number 6’s should followed suit, but an interesting phenomenon occuresd. As the soul left his body, an ornate piece of parchment that almost looked like a tapestry spontaneously combusted and burned away as the soul fled.

The duo came across the offices of each of the Seven generals, but did not encounter Numbers 1-5. At the end of the passageway, the duo solved a statue puzzled and descended further into the catacombs.

What they found at the end of the passage was truly remarkable… An underground collesium filled with Split Street Gang members, with Numbers 4 and 5 in the center of the arena with a prisoner tied up. The prisoner appeared to be a half-orc. Chaos ensued as the half-orc transformed into a dragon and attempted to escape. The cavern was beginning to collapse as the duo came face to face with Numbers 4 and 5.

The duo killed the two generals and soon came across the half-orc (changed back from a dragon). He explained that he was one of the guardians of the Seven Swords of Sin and that Tirana had taken him prisoner. The half-orc’s name was Zabghat. As the three of them were about to escape, a small group of gang members accompanied by the three surviving generals subdued our heroes and knocked them out.

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