Wen-Histani was a priestess of the Abadrain religion and was the granddaughter of the late pope of the Abadarian church, Tep Jarim and was next in line to assume the papacy before her death. She was also a past winner of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament.

She served as the Vault Keeper of the Sword of Lust. She served as the chief Abadarian bishop of the Southern District of Thassilon and was the legal guardian of her younger brother, Rhu Harin. When the sword was stolen under her watch, she contracted the aid of the heroes to retrieve her sword as well as the other six of the Seven Swords of Sin. She supported the heroes in any way that she could (including bestowing Resurrection spells from the heroes via the diadem that she one from the Ruby Phoenix Tournament).

She aided the heroes during the Kaer Maga Incident in the great turf war as well as the fight of the Red Dragon outside the Kaer Maga clock tower. She also accompanied the heroes to Absalom where the swords were to be deposited in the city’s Abadarian vault.

During the Great Opera House Fire, she followed the heroes into the living painting of Beholders painted by Imron Gauthfallow. While she was attempting to heal the Artistic Director of the Opera House she was struck and killed by a Finger of Death spell cast by one of painting construct Beholders. Before her death, she gave her diadem and Key of the First Vault to the Harbinger for safe keeping. Her body was then lost in a vast sea of paint.

Strangely, a month later, her body was discovered by her grandfather below a painting located in the Grand Cathedral in the capitol city with a lace-engraved handkerchief bearing the initials “I.G.” draped over her face.

A funeral ceremony was held at the Grand Cathedral in which her grandfather officiated the ceremony. Her body was interred in the Cathedral’s underground grottoes. Soon after, her brother Rhu Harin became Pope following the unexpected death of his grandfather during the Capital City Demon Attacks.


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