Demon Demi-God of Power and Desire that granted the Four Framers their abilities when they found Ubgatra's Talisman. They made the four swear allegiance and their souls to him in exchange for their powers.


All but the Viceroy rescinded their agreements.

The Viceroy tried on numerous occassions to summon Ubgatra from Hell in order to take over the world.

Has a cult following that stemmed from the Viceroy that exists in the current Fourth Age.

Worked through the Viceroy via the connection through the Talisman.

Apparently he struck deals with three other individuals who wielded the talisman individually long before the Four Framers.

One of the three was a merchant and spice trader from the Ubronia region.

Another of the three turned out to be an Elvish artists that had the ability to create living, breathing works of art.

Nothing is known regarding the third.



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