1 The Visionary

Responsible for leading and inspiring all aspects of change, as well as creating and regulating the flow of new knowledge and ideas of Thassilon that have lasted for the last 50,000 years.


Formed the Council of Truth at the end of the Second Age

Designed a device called the Demonoscope.

Disappeared along with the Architect and the Prophet when the Viceroy was cast back into Hell for the second time.

He was later killed along with his two sons by a radical cultist (Fruhl Shan Dahl ) that followed the Viceroy.

None are certain as to where the exact location of the Visionary’s tomb resides.

The tomb of the Visionary was successfully located by a daring group of members of the Pathfinder Society. The Visionary was interred in a small volcanic chamber on Isle de Cruca in the eastern tropics of Thassilon. The Visionary was interred with his wife and twin sons. The tomb was disturbed by Claudius and his associates Beta and Gamma. Many believe this chamber to be the original chamber where the Four Framers discovered Ubgatra’s amulet 50,000 years prior.


1 The Visionary

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