1 The Viceroy

Responsible for the regulation of all forms of government and order of Thassilon. His fundamental principles of rule have lasted over the last 50,000 years. Betrayed the other three Framers and was bent on the destruction of Thassilon.


Ex-Member of the Council of Truth

Attempted to summon the demonic demi-god Ubgatra in order to complete his aspirations of world domination.

Cast into Hell at the end of the Second Age by the Visionary, the Architect, and the Prophet.

Escaped from Hell but was cast back in again at the end of the Third Age by the Visionary, the Architect, and the Prophet.

Ultimately responsible for the disappearance of the Architect and the Prophet as well as the death of the Visionary.

Still has a cult of followers that exist in Thassilon in the current Fourth Age.

During the Fourth Age, the Viceroy escaped hell for the second time and reappeared in the capital city following the election of Viceroy Arwin Finch. He escaped via a portal opened by the Demonoscope in the depths of Clydwell Keep where he was cast into hell at the end of the Third Age. He was last seen in the capital city alongside Viceroy Arwin Finch and Deputy Viceroy and new President of the Pathfinder Society Thadeus Crabtree. Members of the Pathfinder attempted to fight him, but to no avail. Reports claim he fled to the desert to the west of the capital… Possibly toward the fabled Runeforge.


1 The Viceroy

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