1 The Architect

Responsible for inspiring all technological innovation as well as architecture in Thassilon over the last 50,000 years. Mysteriously disappeared along with the Visionary and the Prophet when the Viceroy was cast back into Hell for the second time.


Drafted, designed, and built the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Thassilonian World (none of which survive)

Built the Seven Monuments marking significant events of Thassilon’s past (the last one stood in Kaer Maga but was destroyed in the Fourth Age during the Red Dragon Conflict and the Bis District Rebellion)

Constructed Three Bell Towers that were considered to be his greatest architectural achievements

The Tower of Prophecy in the west was destroyed by the Runelord of Wrath during the Second Age

Only two remain (however, disputes have been made as to which towers are considered the “authentic” towers).

The Architect’s laboratory has been lost to the ages but is rumored to still exist somewhere in Northern Thassilon.


1 The Architect

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