Thadius Crabtree


Thadius served as Head of Accounts and Debts for the Thassalonian chapter of the Pathfinder Society. He first came across our heroes during the Ruby Phoenix Tournament and demanded payment for all of their debts. When the heroes refused to do so and beat up his body guard, he vowed to not rest until their debts be repaid… some how… some way…. He particularly showed disdain for all of the heroes (especially Alder Dewdrop) and suspended their Pathfinder Society membership until the dues were paid.

After the encounter, Thadius was visited by Dr. Dufric Delineus and was convinced to join the Cult of the Viceroy and was promised immense power in return for his service. He became involved in a plot to overthrow the Thassilonian Senate as well as to kill the current President of the Pathfinder Society so that he could assume the role of leader.

During the Demon Within adventure, Thadius assisted Senator Arwin Finch overthrow the Senate, rigged the election to allow Finch to become the new Viceroy, and set up a bogus hearing for the President of the Pathfinder Society at the capitol just so he could murder him.

After all was said and done, Thadius became the President of the Pathfinder Society as well as the Deputy Viceroy of Thassilon under Arwin Finch. During the battle at the capitol building between the heroes and Finch, Crabtree and the Viceroy, Crabtree became horribly burned by a fire attack cast by Alder. Permanently disfigured, he vows even more so to seek out and destroy Alder Dewdrop and all of those that he loves.

Thadius Crabtree

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