Ascended to the level of second in command of the Church of Abadar when his sister Wen-Histani was killed by a paint golem Beholder.

Ascended to the papacy when his grandfather was killed by a demon.

At the age of 14, he is the youngest Pope to ever hold office.


Rhu-Harin was the brother of the late Wen-Histani and the late Pope Tep-Jarim. Even though he was orphaned at a young age, he showed greatly resolve and held excellent potential. Even though his older sister assumed most of the responsibilities, he still had major influence of the goings on of the Thassilonian Churches of Abadar.

During the Kaer Maga incident, he was captured by Tirana’s forces and was turned to stone. Our heroes found and freed him before the final fight with Tirana in the Kaer Maga catacombs.

Distraught by the death of his sister, he was brought under the care of his grandfather. The pope decided it was time for him to assume the duties of Wen-Histani. During the induction ceremony, demons attacked the cathedral and killed his grandfather. Before he knew it, Rhu-Harin was catapulted into the papacy serving as the youngest Pope to date. Rhu-Harin assisted and valiantly (although some say foolishly) fought alongside the heroes during the Battle of Clydewell Keep and the Resurrection of the Viceroy. Desperate to reclaim the capital, Rhu-Harin was forced to stay locked inside the Cathedral while he sent for reinforcements from the Ambitus region. There, his diplomats conversed with members of the Ambitus chapters of the Orthodox Abadarians as well as the followers of Chiron. The leader of the Church of Chiron (also a young man), a young man named Madius Lightshield, agreed to lend a large portion of the Ambitus Navy in an effort to reclaim the Capitol.


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