1 Endryyl

Former botanist and spice merchant from the Ubronia region.


This former botanist and spice merchant from the Ubronia region traveled to Thassilon with his associate in order to search for a rare plant. Their journey led them to the mountains in the west and ultimately to the discovery of the plant. Upon discovering the properties of the plant, Endryyl felt it should be destroyed. However, his associate, Bupa, beat Endryyl within an inch of his life, stole the plant, left Endryyl for dead and fled. Endryyl pleaded with the divine to let him live at least long enough to see the sun set one last time. At that moment, an opening to a cave appeared. Battered and bleeding out, Endryyl crawled on his hands and knees all the while being caught and strangled by vines into the cave and soon discovered the amulet. As soon as he touched it, he was transported to the domain of Ubgatra. The two talked at length and a bargain was struck. In exchange for Endryyl’s soul he would gain the power of the amulet and acheive, wealth, fame and fortune in the world of botany and the spice trade.
However, as time went on, the power of the amulet became too much for him to bear. His fame caused him nothing but misery and begged Ubgatra to take the amulet away. Ubgatra agreed but Endryyl was forced to endure an eternity of torture based upon the power he willingly gave up. Endryyl transformed into an Elf/Plant hybrid who was also cursed to turn into a horrible shadow abomination every day after the setting of the sun. Endryyl was banished to Isle de Cruca and was forced to guard the Swamp of Ages on behalf of Ubgatra because the demon found the place to be an invaluable resource when he eventually returned to this dimension. Endryyl was then tasked to collect the souls of the inhabitants of this island and hand them over to Ubgatra. Endryyl tried to destroy the amulet but was only able to sneak it away and hide it in the volcano on the island in hopes that no one would find it.
10,000 years later, he ran into the Prophet and begged him and his cohorts to stay out of the volcano and not to take anything within, lest they suffer Endryyl and all of his predecessors’ fates. The Prophet did not listen. Endryyl still resides in the swamp to this day. Cursed to have any plant he touches die, cursed to have his throat filled with the very thorns found on the demonic vines that strangled him on the mountain tops from countless eons ago, cursed to an eternity of service to Ubgatra… unless the amulet and Ubgatra can be destroyed.


1 Endryyl

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