Darius Finch


Son of a prominent merchant and politician in the city of Absalom. Although he was a rogue and a “pretty boy”, he was known for his goodness and partying lifestyle. He was secretly a member of the Council of Truth and one of the very few who knew about the untold history of the Framers.

He was enlisted by Imron Gauthfallow to deliver packages (containing evil paintings) to various artists of the city. At the same time, the Council sent him to spy on Imron feeling that one of the three guardians (one of which being Imron) became corrupted and was betraying the Council.

The PCs discovered Darius delivering a package and found that he had no idea the paintings were intended to kill its recipients. Before he could explain himself the Harbinger promptly arrested him.

A couple of days after the fire at the Ivy Opera House, Finch was sentenced to hang (without having a proper trial) alongside another convicted criminal, Madame Shreeve. Shortly before he was hanged, Darius slipped a piece of paper containing a strange riddle to Alder Dewdrop. It was right before Finch was executed that Alder Dewdrop noticed the necklace showing the symbol of the Council of Truth hanging around Finch’s neck. Alder soon realized that the group had made a serious error in sending an innocent man to his death. He tried to save him, but it was too late.

Soon after, the father of Darius Finch swore vengeance against the Harbinger and that he would get even with him if it was the last thing he ever did; and not just him, but him and his “kind.”


Darius Finch

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