Cornelius Stritch

A kindly magician and wizard who claims to come from a different plane of existence. He claims to have been struck by lightning while atop a structure called the Chrysler Building in a place called Manhattan and was transported to the land of Thassilon.


Hailed from a place called London, England

Son of a prominent aristocrat and politician

Longed for the life of a street magician

One of the few survivors of what is referred to as the “Isle of Evisate Incident”

Extremely nervous when anyone mentions the words “Isle” or “Evisate”

Relapses into episodes of PTSD whenever he encounters a storm at sea

Hides his arms under sleeves at all times due to a “skin condition”

Claims to have once had the head of a fox

Claims to have found his humanity after he nearly gave his life for a fellow soldier during a conflict known as “The Great War”

Wishes to return back to his own world


Cornelius Stritch

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