The Seven Swords of Sin

Each man is the architect of his own fate… control your own fate or someone else will….


The land of Thassilon during the First Age was nothing more than a barbarous wasteland made up of warring tribes vying for their next meal. The various climates of the continent provided a bevy of species to co-exist (for better or worse) since the beginning of time. In spite of this blind contentment with mediocrity, the land was doomed to never progress to the level of most cultured civilizations.

This archaic way of life was forever changed when four individuals from each of the four quadrants of Thassilon stumbled upon a magical amulet belonging to the demon demi-god Ubgatra. Through his power, he granted the four men the necessary tools to build a civilization that would rival all of existence for all times.

These men “experimented” for countless centuries until they found something that “worked” and were quite pleased with their results. However, progress can only rule for so long until its jealous brother discord cankers and finally bursts forth from its prison.

In spite of the efforts of the Framers, their ideals of a supreme utopia were ultimately doomed. One of the four Framers betrayed the other three for selfish gains and attempted to bring Ubgatra into this world and plunge it into darkness. The Three remaining Framers rose to the challenge and united Thassilon for the first time in its history.

The traitor sought to destroy the other Three’s efforts by subjecting the people of Thassilon with perhaps the most devastating force any mortal being could encounter… sin.

During the Second Age, the traitor created an army of spellcasters and fused each of them with the pure essence of each of the seven deadly sins until they became walking personifications of the sins themselves.

The Three Framers enlisted the aide of seven sages to assist them in thwarting the Runelords. These sages forged seven swords embodied with each of the seven righteous virtues that served as a foil to each of the seven deadly sins. Each of these swords had a champion that wielded it, and through much sacrifice, the Runelords were defeated and the traitor was cast into Hell.

At the end of the Third Age, the Three Framers seemed to mysteriously and abruptly fade from existence and the swords of virtue, perverted by the sin they encountered via the Runelords soon became twisted mockeries of themselves as they were stolen countless times and used for nefarious deeds throughout history until they were ultimately lost to the ages.

Over 5,000 years have passed since the rise of the Framers and the unprecedented progress that flowed like a mighty river has turned into nothing more than a pathetic trickle. New individuals have risen to power and fallen over the countless millennia and society as a whole held true to the beliefs of their ancestors during the time of the Three Framers that their fate was already pre-determined and that no matter what they do, it’s already planned out and that fighting this… is futile.

What happens when someone rises to challenge these ideals? It is now currently the Fourth Age of Thassilon and after countless eons of peace and “progress”, discord is beginning to be roused once again from its slumber. The Seven Swords of Sin have begun to be collected and rumors of the return of the Runelords and much more… nefarious things are on the horizon. Without the aid of the Three Framers, the people of Thassilon are faced with a dire choice… accept their fate… or defy it and forge their own.

The Seven Swords of Sin

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